Licence to kill consultation: Spey Fishery Board/Foundation response

As most readers will be aware the Scottish Government has held a consultation on its proposals to introduce a licencing system for the killing of wild salmon including associated carcass tagging, method restictions and what are in effect quotas to ensure that any exploitation is sustainable.

Alongside the main licence to kill consultation the Government also produced an accompanying Strategic Environmental Assessment on which they also sought comment. The Spey Fishery Board/Foundation has considered these proposals and has submitted the following responses:

Of note is the increasing level of exploitation by the coastal mixed stock nets in the north east of Scotland. Since 2010 the nets have killed more than the rods and as netting activity has increased the gap in exploitation has grown ever wider. See the above attachments for further detail.

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  1. olivier Devictor at 4:38 pm

    Full marks for these responses. They are clear and to the point.The RTC did also a good job but exclusively dealing with their river so it was difficult for an individual to use it for his own responses whereas yours is more of a general approach.I suppose all the River Boards must have compared their views before sending their responses ?

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