Last week of the Season 2017.

Well that’s it for 2017, I don’t suppose many will be disappointed to see the season finished.

Gordon Castle had twenty-four for the last week of the season, mainly older fish but the was a fresh sea-liced fish on Saturday afternoon.

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle.

Orton again were lightly fished but finished just short of double figures.

Thanks to Delfur Head Gillie Mark Melville and Grant Morrison  for the pictures .

Scott Garvie Delfur

Lloyd Garvie Delfur.

David Stewart-Howitt Delfur.

Grant Delfur

Donald Morrison Delfur

Euan Anderson Delfur.

Euan Anderson Last fish of the season Delfur.

Rothes had another good week finishing in the mid teens.

Easter Elchies had a rather coloured fin clipped grilse the other week.

Fin clipped Grilse Easter Elchies.

Aberlour were also into the teens, thanks to Ken Davies for this week and all of the season.

Tim Betts Aberlour

Sean Caird Aberlour

Jim Seivright Aberlour.

Grantown had close to twenty for the week, the best being a 20lb fish from Macleod Pool. There were still sea trout being caught, including the fourth 10lb fish of the season caught by Andrew Davie in the Long Pool.

Andrew Davie Sea trout Grantown.




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  1. Robert mclachlan at 11:00 am

    Thank you for your reports,thru the season,have read your report in the trout and salmon,somebody, that is not afraid to write the truth,how long before Atlantic salmon are on the endangered, list. The list is already long.the handling of the salmon I see in the later part of the season in the photos,is like holding up a maxi rabbit,these folk must be desperate to get a capture,. Of any sort poor salmon don’t stand a chance if if theirs a pound to be made

  2. David Fleetwood at 10:33 am

    Such a shame to see gravid fish being so badly handled

    • Malcolm Newbould Author at 5:26 pm

      I think you are being very harsh. The Spey is one of the earliest rivers to close and Brian Shaw our Biologist assures me that the majority of Spey fish will not spawn till into November.

  3. David Barker at 6:39 pm

    Malcolm,Thank you for all your reports this season. I’m sure your hard work is much appreciated by us all.. Especially on a Grand prix Sunday… I had some great times on the Spey this season.. Highlight of which was watching the wife land a lovely 14lb fish ( which gets bigger every time she recounts the tale) below the bridge at Carron.. Enjoy your break and see you in the Spring.

  4. Peter Kyte at 5:14 pm

    Many thanks for all your work in putting these reports together, they are much appreciated . Enjoy the rest over the winter.

  5. David Wood at 3:56 pm

    Thank you for your work in collating the catches course of the season. It is much appreciated. Great to be able to keep in touch with the river from 500 miles south.

  6. David Turtle at 3:37 pm

    Thank you, Malcolm, for the weekly summaries. Good to keep in touch.


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