Last Week of the Season 2018.

Well not much I can add to the photos that the gillies and their guests have kindly sent me, it wouldn’t be much of a report if I didn’t get so much help from everyone on the river. Many thanks to everyone for keeping me informed during 2018.


Gordon Castle, in the high eighties.

Amy from Gordon Castle office 1st fish.

Ian Ogden Quarry Pool.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Orton, close to fifty.






Delfur Double figures again.

Lochy Porter Delfur,

Lloyd Garvie Delfur.

Gavin Wiseman Delfur.

The Middle River seemed to pick away, but the fish did not seem to be there in the same numbers as the Lower River.
Grantown, Jimmy Mitchel tells me,
Here with is a summary of Grantown’s last week.
A total of thirty-one salmon and grilse were reported, the heaviest of which weighed 19 lbs.
David Montgomery landed a fish of 11 lbs, of which he has sent a nice Autumnal picture, attached. At least forty sea-trout of up to 5 lbs were also reported.
That’s it for another year! All the best for now, Malcolm.

David Montgommery 11lb Salmon Grantown.

Aviemore and Abernethy, Stuart Voce wrote,
The final week brought good water and the fishers were out in numbers and had some good sport both on the fly and spinner. The week produced 20 salmon, best 20lb and 13 seatrout.
Our youngest member Gino at 10 years old went out with his granddad Billy Richardson on Friday and landed his first ever salmon at 8lb and seatrout at 4lb. He was, his granddad said, ‘ over the moon’ I hope he has caught the fishing ‘ bug’ and one day he will perhaps be writing this report!. Well done Gino and may you have many more lovely memories with granddad.
Finally, the season was challenging due to the weather condition and I would like to thank all those guests who came and supported the Association. Hope to see you next year.
Kinchurdy, plenty of pictures from Bobby Hall and his guests.

Steven Barbour Kinchurdy.

Richard Holmes Kinchurdy.

Nicloa’s 1st fish Kinchurdy.

Jane Shirley Kinchurdy.

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  1. David Fleetwood at 9:27 pm

    Having just looked at the recent spate of photos I cannot understand why fishers insist on the over handling of what are fish ready or not far off spawning . I do feel that some education is forthcoming as to the “correct” way to deal with these fish . I could go on but I am sure that gillies up and down the river could spend a bit of time to instruct guests correctly.


  2. David Barker at 9:15 pm

    Many thanks for all your hard work Malcolm Sunday evenings always brightened by your reports. Not only on this site but Trout & Salmon as well each month. Fingers crossed for next season. Thank you.

  3. Tim Inskip at 7:41 pm

    Hi Malcolm
    I think some education on catch and release would be good.
    I thought the days of seeing fish on the bank were long gone!

    • Malcolm Newbould Author at 7:53 pm

      Tim, Out of the twenty-one pictures in this week’s report only 4 have the fish on the bank. In a perfect world you are undoubtedly correct. We don’t live in a perfect world, but things are improving, there are no pictures of dead fish.

      If you would like to run a course over the winter, I’m sure the Board could find some premises for you.

  4. Peter Kyte at 6:42 pm

    Malcolm may I thank you for your weekly reports which during this difficult season , must have been difficult to write on many weeks.

    Let’s hope for a better 2019.


  5. Wilson Phillips at 6:00 pm

    Malcom – thank you for the time and effort that you take to compile and prepare these reports over the season. They are much appreciated and I’m looking forward to 2019 already!

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