Last chance to vote!

Don’t forget that today and tomorrow are your last chances to vote for your favourite Trout and Salmon ‘Save Our Salmon’ pitch, one of which is one put forward by ourselves in collaboration with the Atlantic Salmon Trust (pitch number 3). Every vote really does count, so make a difference today and help support a forward thinking, innovative project that will help us learn invaluable information about Spey smolts.

For more information see the campaign website here, or if you’re ready to vote go straight to the page here!

Happy voting!

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  1. Stevie Laing at 2:47 pm

    Mandatory Catch and Release
    Stop Netting like they do on the Thurso
    The River Tay used Edinburgh Zoo to grow eggs into fry and released when big enough. David Belemy was involved sorry I dont have more details

  2. Christopher J Drewett at 8:14 am

    Time is almost out, for our wild stocks of Atlantic salmon!!! 🙁

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