Head lesions update

13th June 2012

Thanks to the excellent information supplied by the ghillies we have been able to establish that the number of salmon and sea trout caught with head lesions or ulcers dropped by 65% over the last two weeks.  Reports from the beats for last week (commencing 4th June) showed an influx of sea liced fish, which were caught almost as far upstream as Grantown. Only 4% of the sea liced fish were reported as having lesions or ulcers. This is very encouraging although it remains to be seen how these fresh fish develop once they have been in the river for a few weeks.

Considering the number of fish that are likely to be in the river the mortality rate is relatively low. The number of moribund fish reported remains low with 15 reported last week. That level of mortality is little above what would normally be expected as a result of other damage e.g. predator wounds/handling damage/osmotic stress etc.

It was interesting to note that the the average weight of fish reported dropped by 1.2lb over the last two weeks, mainly due to the arrival of the first significant runs of grilse last week. However many high quality salmon continue to be landed with 45% over 10lb in each of the last two weeks. I heard there was a big fish caught in Aberlour the other day but I’ll leave the glory of reporting that one to our weekly fishing reports correspondent!

Brian Shaw