Gordon Castle Highland Games

Yesterday saw the 3rd annual “Modern Gordon Castle Highland Games”. I understand from the ringside commentary yesterday that the Games used to be a very big event Moray social and sporting occasion but it had lapsed for many years. The Spey Fishery Board/Foundation had a stand at the show where we were able to showcase some of the projects that we have been involved with. There was a big crowd at the games and our stall was very busy with the day passing quickly.

Stall set up and ready top go

Stall set up and ready to go

Late afternoon there was a parade of Gordon Setter dogs which was lovely to see back at their ancestral home.

Some of the Gordon Setters on show yesterday

Some of the Gordon Setters on show yesterday

Once things quietened down I was able to sneak away to have a go in the casting competition. Possibly it was due to some good fortune with a favourable tail wind but I won the competition with a cast of 123ft. It turns out that the person with the longest cast prior to that point had been Angus Gordon Lennox, Laird of the Castle……oooops!

Bonnie silver trophy

Bonnie silver trophy for the casting competition


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