Evening Talk on trout/sea trout 9th April Spey Bay

Moray Firth Trout Initiative Evening talk:

The complex life of trout

 How are trout different to salmon? When does a trout become a sea trout?

  • Why are local sea trout catches at record low levels?
  • Why are trout important? How can we protect them?
  • How do we study them, anyway?
Fresh run sea trout

Fresh run sea trout

 Come and join us for an informal, illustrated talk and discussion about our local trout populations and what we are doing to protect them; with Marcus Walters from the Moray Firth Trout Initiative.

Wednesday 9th April at 7pm

Scottish Dolphin Centre, Education Room, Spey Bay (In the walled garden).

Tea & coffee available

Places limited please book your seat!

Mob: 07500602216   Email:Marcus@morayfirthtrout.org     Web: www.morayfirthtrout.org



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