End of year report (2012)

The 2012 catch for the river was 7,490 salmon and grilse caught, as well as 1,680 sea trout.

Spey Fishery Board’s voluntary Catch and Release policy, under which anglers are encouraged to release the fish they catch so that they can return to the natural environment from which they came in order to spawn. Last year 85% of all salmon and grilse caught (6,354 fish) were returned to the River to spawn, which was up on the 82% released last year. It is estimated that the egg deposition from these released fish throughout the Spey’s catchment will have been in the order of 16 million, which is similar to that seen in recent years. With concern still high about the poor survival rate of salmon at sea, this is a very creditable achievement for such a large River as the Spey. The Spey Fishery Board is grateful to all proprietors, gillies and anglers for their active support and cooperation for the policy.

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