End of season round up 2011

Well that is another season finished, I will not have the totals catch figures for a few weeks yet but as soon as I get them I will post them here.

Looking back over the season, it strikes me that it was the total opposite of 2010; in 2010 the spring part of the season was poor but the grilse run was strong. In 2011 the spring run was much stronger but the grilse run poor.  Having said the above the river seems to be in a very healthy state and all the pools I have fished have plenty of fish in them all be it I could not get them to take. Now let us hope that the salmon have a successful time on the redds and let us look forward to February 11th 2012.

The catch returns for 2011 still have to be formalised, there are a couple of estates who have yet to put their returns to the board.  From the information available I can say that the total for the year will be a little disappointing 8607. On the positive side the spring catches were much better; from February to April 535 salmon were reported, by the end of May this had risen to 1942 and by the end of June 3869. The grilse run really failed to materialise. In summary 2011 ended up with a similar total of 2010 but being almost totally opposite, 2010 had a poor Spring and a good grilse run 2011 had a good Spring and a poor grilse run, let us just hope that 2012 has a good Spring and a good grilse run!

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