End of Season Report 2013

To paraphrase school reports of former years “could have been better”, and judging by reports from other rivers “could have been a lot worse.


The Spey Fishery Board has reported catches of Salmon and Grilse for the 2013 season (from the 11th February to the end of September) as 5,780, in comparison to the 7,490 caught for the same period last year.


Despite the challenging conditions, though, anglers have responded positively by returning more fish caught than ever before. Throughout the season, 88% of all Salmon and Grilse caught were released, an increase on the 85% returned for the same period last year. Furthermore, the release rate for the Spring Salmon, traditionally caught between February and the end of April was a highly impressive 92%.

I just hope that 2014 is a much better season; there is nothing worse when writing a weekly report forever trying to turn a sow’s lug into a silk purse.


I look forward to meeting everyone on February 11th 2014 at Aberlour.


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