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After some technical difficulties three of our mainstem electrofishing videos have been uploaded to the Spey Foundation Youtube channel click here to view. The three sites uploaded are from the surveys at Essil Pool just upstream of the Gramouth viaduct,  Delfur tail of Big Haddie Pool and Aberlour Angling Association water opposite the playpark.

The Essil Pool site results were typical of many of the mainstem sites this summer. 68 salmon fry and 13 parr were captured during the 3 minute timed survey (actual electrofishing time). The Delfur site was a new site in the riffle downstream of the tail of Big Haddie. This was the best fry site this year with 270 fry captured. Note the very shallow water in the margins where 8 -10 fry were captured in each sweep. There were no blanks sweeps during this particular survey.

The Aberlour site produced fantastic results with 107 parr and 46 fry captured. Considering that the most parr captured at any site in 2012 was 30 the results are very encouraging. This site obviously contains excellent parr habitat with a mixture of moss covered boulders and ranunculus providing cover.

More of the videos will be uploaded soon. The intention is to upload a cross section of videos from representative up and down the river. To enable upload to Youtube the resolution of the videos had to be reduced considerably but hopefully they are viewable. Note that the sound has been turned off – some of the banter was definitely not suitable for public broadcast!

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  1. Gordon Mackenzie at 9:02 am

    Nice videos that clearly show an abundance of fry.
    ps………..it took you a while to accost a small child of the street to show you how to upload the videos properly!

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