Electrofishing videos take 2

We found it slow and difficult to upload the large electrofishing videos files to Youtube but following a recommendation we have switched to Vimeo to host our videos. So far Vimeo looks like a good option with quicker upload times at higher resolution. The Vimeo Spey Foundation channel can be opened by clicking here . There are only three videos uploaded at present but will intend to add many more.

The three minute survey from the upper end of the Orton beat can be viewed here. 132 fry and 14 salmon parr were captured during the three minute survey, fairly typical of the results from many sites in the Spey mainstem.

The Delfur site at the Tail of Big Haddie pool was the best this year from the river. Here we found 270 salmon fry during the three minute survey but no parr. The flow at this site was fast and shallow, ideal for fry but lacking in cover for parr. The site can be viewed here. This video was uploaded at higher resolution and is of better quality than the Orton video. We will use this setting or higher resolution for future videos.

The Aberlour Angling Association site produced by far the highest salmon parr count recorded during this type of survey. The habitat at the site was excellent for parr with a mixture of small boulders, cobbles and ranunculus. The video can be viewed here.


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