Cormorant and goosander predation control measures down south

The Angling Trust appears to have secured a major advance regarding control of fish predation by cormarants and goosanders in England and Wales see here. It will be interesting to see how this new system down there compares with the current system in Scotland. From the news release it appears to be a much more flexible system than operated in Scotland. One to keep an eye on.

Impressive piece of  work by the Angling Trust!


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  1. S. McPadden at 11:18 am

    The photo in November’s Trout and Salmon was shocking…..172 undigested fish in the stomach of one cormorant. Most people believe that,while goosanders are decimating our small fish,such as parr and smolts,cormorants concentrate on larger prey. Not so,obviously. Scientists tell us that a goosanders needs about 7 parr per day; as the cormorant is 2-3times as large,you may expect about 20 parr in the stomach,but 172?
    On my local river,the Teviot there must be at least 100 goosanders…..minimum of 250,000 fish eaten per year. Without long-term control of these birds our freshwater fishing will cease to exist.

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