Board members are elected triennially, with the latest elections having taken place in February 2016. The legislation is specific over who may stand for election, requiring the elected members to be riparian proprietors or their mandatories. There are currently nine elected Board members, who subsequently elect one of the members to be their Chairman. The current Board members are as follows:

Brian Doran, Board Chairman and  Mandatory for Craigellachie Fishings

Alan Williams, Carron Fishings

Angus Gordon Lennox, Castle Water and Mandatory for the Brae Water Trust

William Mountain, Delfur Fishings

Oliver Russell, Ballindalloch Castle Estate

Dr Catherine Wills, Knockando Estate

Peter Graham, Mandatory for Rothes & Aikenway

Peter Millar, Orton Fishings

Toby Metcalfe, Mandatory for Crown Estates


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The Board may also co-opt and invite others to attend its meetings with co-optees empowered with voting rights if required. Currently, Grant Mortimer (President, Strathspey Angling Improvement Association) and Craig Mackay (Chairman, River Spey Anglers Association) are co-opted onto the Board.

Meanwhile, Scottish Natural Heritage (represented by Jennifer Heatley) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (represented by Alistair Galloway and Graeme Henderson)are invitees to the Board. The Clerk to the Board is traditionally a Solicitor or Chartered Accountant. The current Clerk is Will Cowie of R&R Urquhart Solicitors.

The Board’s Director is Roger Knight, who attends Board meetings and is also a Director of the Spey Foundation.