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7th June 2012

It has taken a little longer than hoped but the revised website has now been activated. There is still some tidying up to do, some of the pages have generic text but loose ends will be sorted over the next few days.

With the news surrounding the diagnosis of a fish with UDN on the Spey it is important that we are able to continue to provide updates. A monitoring system has been established with the ghillies and the first data will be available next week. The Spey Fishery Board from the outset decided to deal with UDN in an open and transparent manner and that will continue.

I am very keen to use the Spey Blog to improve the flow of information on the activities and findings of the Spey Fishery Board and Foundation staff. Expect regular updates on projects, electrofishing surveys and results and other interesting sights and news from around the Spey catchment.

Recently I have been researching the old leather bound Spey Fishery Board Minutes and other records from the archive. I have never been that interested in history but some of the information recorded within these old manuscripts is like golddust. I will share some of that information through the blog on a regular basis.

I hope you find the information that we will publish on the blog interesting and any constructive feedback will be more than welcome.

Brian Shaw

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