Avon smolt trap update and smolt release video

The Avon continues to drop with our gauge reading 16cm this morning, the lowest reading since we deployed the trap. Despite that the number of fish captured has increased. Yesterday we had 39 between the two traps and this morning 80; 75 of which were salmon, the remainder trout. We marked 38 fish yesterday and 75 this morning as part of our mark recapture trails. We use different marks in rotation;yesterday the fish were marked close to the pectoral fins and today the ventral area was used. From the marked fish released yesterday we had 3 recaptures this morning;  a return of just under 8%, similar to the previous trial although we may get one or two more back yet. Earlier in the week we had one more late recapture from the first trial giving a recapture rate of 2%, although river flows were higher then. The relatively low recapture rates indicate that there are now significant numbers of smolts moving downstream nightly.

Today there seemed to be more larger smolts with many in the 120 to 140mm range. As always scales were taken from every 10th fish for aging.

By clicking here a short video clip showing the marked smolts being released back upstream can be viewed. If we get relatively stable flows over the next few weeks we will hopefully be able to achieve a run of consistent recapture rates.


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  1. Niall Cook at 11:44 am

    A right, well i better have a fiddle with my Hero 3 Black then as doesn’t seem to produce images of similar quality at the moment. That said, the Tyne isn’t as clear as the Spey!

  2. Niall Cook at 11:18 am

    Nice video fellas – what camera did you use?


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