Avon Broodstock Catch-up 2016

The River Avon broodstock catch-up took place today under the guidance of Hatchery Manager, Jimmy Woods assisted by the Bailiffs and a squad of keen volunteers including William Mountain and Rory Mountain (Delfur Fishings), Willie Mearns (former Delagyle Ghillie) and Buckie Fishermen, Ian Robertson (also member of the Speymouth Angling Association) and Bob Patience (part-time Ghillie at Gordon Castle), to whom we send our sincere thanks and appreciation for their hard work.

Despite the very low water, the operation of single sweeps in three different pools provided the number of broodstock required, including a cock fish weighing up to 28 lbs.   There was also a surprising number of sea trout, which were fresh in the river and many weighing up to 9 lbs.

img_3911 img_3915 img_3893 img_3894 img_3936 img_3932 img_3917 img_3920 img_3922 img_3940 img_3938


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