All quiet in the mddle river

I took a quick stroll along the river at Knockando this afternoon. The river was up a wee bit, 1’4″ on the beat gauge and with the slightly peaty water and low light levels it was difficult to see what was happening with the redds. Where I did manage to peer in through the murk there was no sign of activity. In the tail of the Long Pool there appeared to be the same number of redds as there were two weeks ago.

It was like this part of river was shutting down for the winter, although of course it never does. There were signs of life: a dipper, a goldeneye and a cormorant. I did notice that when I walked back down to the vehicle it was back on the same pool again. Do they just take off and circle round for a while until the coast clears??

All quiet on the middle river

I going to meet some of the ghillies for a look in the lower river tomorrow, there may still be some spawning activity down there.

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