About the Spey Fishery Board

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The Spey Fishery Board was established under the 1862 and 1868 Salmon Fisheries legislation. This was subsequently amended and presently stated in the Salmon Act 1986 and the Salmon Conservation (Scotland) Act 2001. This legislation has more recently been amalgamated under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003. There are 42 District Salmon Fishery Boards around Scotland, of which the Spey Fishery Board is considered to be one of the “Big Four”, alongside the Tweed Commission and the Dee and Tay District Salmon Fishery Boards. The Board is empowered under the legislation to take such acts as it considers expedient for the protection, enhancement and conservation of Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout stocks and their fisheries.

The Spey Foundation is the research branch of the board, its main remit being to provide the Board with scientific evidence to assist with their management decisions. Read more about the Spey Foundation here.