The Spey Foundation’s Work

The Spey Foundation is involved in a wide range of fishery activities including:

  • Electro-Fishing Surveys & Monitoring
  • Scale Reading & Data Collation
  • Fish Counter operation
  • Catch Data Analysis
  • Smolt Trap Operation
  • Habitat Management
  • Education – “Salmon in the Classroom” and general presentations on aquatic wildlife
  • Contracts for other DSFBs and Rivers Trusts – especially the Findhorn, Nairn and Lossie
  • Thermal Discharge Monitoring for Distillers
  • Water Sampling/Monitoring for Wind Farm developments
  • Preparation and Implementation of Fishery Management Plans, including for WindFarm Developments
  • Current Chair of the Scottish Fisheries Coordination Centre
  • Collation and Preparation of samples for the FASMOP Genetic Analysis project
  • Bio-security Planning for Invasive Non-Native Species