About Biosecurity

In 2021 the Spey Fishery Board published an updated Spey District Biosecurity Plan 2021 – 2025.

Once INNS are established, for many species there are no effective techniques available to eradicate them, so preventing introduction and spread is the most effective way to protect the environment. Prevention minimises the impacts and costs of tackling established populations.
Biosecurity is about reducing the risk of introducing or spreading invasive non-native species (and other harmful organisms such as diseases) in the wild . Disease risks can be brought in through poor biosecurity but there could be outbreaks of naturally occurring diseases, amongst wild fish populations, for example. Examining, and assessing preparedness, and readiness to react, if such an outbreak occurs, will be considered in this plan.

Earlier biosecurity plans (Spey Foundation 2010) and the extensive invasive species management undertaken locally though the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative (SISI) provide an excellent foundation of knowledge and understanding upon which to develop this next biosecurity plan.

The vision of this plan is:
‘To establish a sustainable framework that will prevent, detect, control and eradicate invasive non-native species within the Spey district through the coordination of data collection, appropriate management, liaison, and education.’

This vision will be achieved through the delivery of the following objectives:

Objective 1: Reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of identified INNS within the Spey district.

Objective 2: Maintain a framework for the detection and surveillance of INNS, linked to a protocol to ensure a rapid management response.

Objective 3: Coordinated management, control, eradication & habitat restoration programmes for INNS.

Objective 4: Develop community capacity to detect, monitor and respond rapidly to new INNS.

The objectives of this plan will be achieved through a partnership approach to implement the agreed actions.
The ultimate key to the effectiveness of this plan is the building of local community awareness, capacity and partnerships to ensure the success and long-term sustainability of the presented actions.

The Spey District Biosecurity Plan 2021-2025 can be downloaded here