A sea trout burn ………………………………

I had never walked this burn but the mention of sea trout spawning yesterday made me pull over as I crossed the bridge. It was a nice still autumn day, the first night of frost after the big water at the weekend, ideal for sea trout spawning. What I had seen of the habitat from the road looked promising and I knew the electrofishing survey results were good.

The sea trout burn

Sure enough there were a succession of pools, runs and riffles with an abundance of the very best grade of spawning gravels.

No shortage of good spawning gravel in the burn

Walking slowly upstream there were no signs of movement from fish. However I soon came across the first redd in the classic position at the tail of a pool.

Sea trout redd in the tail of the pool

The upstream edge to the redd was steep, as if cut by a spade, sure sign that it was freshly made

Spawning habitat doesn’t come much better that this

The burn meandered naturally at the start but after about half a mile it became as straight as a die, obviously dugout sometime in the distant past. However there were two big redds right at the bottom of the long straight.

Lovely big redd on the right of the photo, surely made by more than one pair working in succession upstream.

Interestingly there appeared to be quite a high density of redds in the long straight, there were certainly more fish about. None were actively spawning, I’d have seen them first if they been spawning but I tried to disturb them as little as possible. Most were in the range 1 to 4lb.

That was a nice little walk along another cracking burn. So it’s a sea trout burn just now but in 2 or 3 weeks it will the turn of the salmon. They use the burn too with salmon and trout parr both abundant in the lower reaches.

Saw these fellows running about around a house on the way back to the pickup – not long to go now!

Christmas dinner




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