Week Ending 3rd July 2010

The long forecast rain has not yet arrived on Speyside, as I write this the sun is shinning although there are some clouds, let us hope some rain falls in the catchment area even if it just freshens up the river a little.  When I have been out and about I have noticed that the Bird Cherry trees have a very eerie appearance. I have discovered that it is caused by the caterpillar of the ermine moth (Yponomeuta evonymellus).

Every now and then there is a population explosion and almost all the trees are affected, I now just need a fishery scientist to write a paper showing how the population explosion of the ermine moth is mirrored by a strong grilse run!

Catches, back to reality, I hear that the Castle Water though lightly let managed a few at the start of the week. Upstream Delfur had a dozen including a superb 20lber covered in sea-lice. Rothes also had a dozen, most caught towards the start of the week.  This week Craigellachie had a lean week but I have received some photos from last week and the week before.

Wester Elchies started the week well with four on Monday but were unable to keep it up and could only manage seven for the week. At Carron new tenants Mr and Mrs David Bate introduced a few of their family and friends to salmon fishing. Their youngest son Tom managed his first salmon from Delchapel late on Tuesday evening. Sarah Cowcricke also had her first salmon from the neck of the Carron pool on her second ever cast!

There were a few fish caught a Knockando including this one caught by Alan Williams from Pol Arder.

Again I’m struggling to get stories and information from above the Avon if any one has information, pictures or stories please get in touch with me at malcolm@speygillie.co.uk

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