Week Commencing 26th March 2012

It is a cold start to the week more like Spring on Speyside than the last couple of weeks. There is some heavy rain forecast for tonight with some sleet or snow on Monday or Tuesday. We need some rain but whether the rain forecast is enough to raise the river only time will tell. The tides will be building all week. Hopefully this, coupled with some sort of rise in the levels will encourage some more fish to run. Surprisingly I have not seen any sand martins on the river yet they have appeared for the last few years before April


Catches have been relatively poor this week and I am not sure why, perhaps the bright overhead conditions and low water made the fish difficult to catch or perhaps the water reaching 50 f encouraged the fish to run hard, we will never know. We were certainly seeing small pods of fresh fish all week.

Delfur Catch

Delfur Catch

The Brae had a quiet week by their recent standards with only two fish caught one each from Beats two and three. Delfur had a better week but it was Saturday before the bulk of the catch was made. I understand the Rothes guests enjoyed the weather without applying themselves too hard to the fishing. The beat above had two on Monday morning. I hear Phones had their first of the season.  I also heard the beats above the Avon had some fish using Summer tactics, floating lines and size 8 Green Highlanders.

Delfur CatchI also heard Nethybridge had their first of the season. Swedish writer Pelle Klippinge dropped me a note after his week at\Delfur, Pelle said, “ I think I was out for one of these small magical moments in Hollen Bush at 11 o’clock today when first a sea liced spring salmon got hold of the fly.  Wonderful! Shortly after I landed another, just of the same size, took the fly and turned, for me,  a blank week into some sort of a last days dream. Suddenly, often when you least expect it, they are just there, these amazing Spey fish.

So keep up the good work Spey Board Fishery so also one or two of we Scandinavians anglers, who just love to visit your wonderful river, can share and enjoy this wonderful valley”

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