Week Commencing 3rd July 2017.


Writing weather forecasts when it is to be changeable is pretty easy, difficult to get wrong. Next week remains changeable, some rain on Monday evening into Tuesday morning with possibly the sunniest on Wednesday. Thursday may be breezy.

The tides peak around midnight on Monday and there will be no new water till next week.


Catches. Again it was quite a quiet week, most beats caught fish but not in huge numbers. There are some grilse in the catches but not in any great numbers.


Gordon Castle finished in the high thirties, Ian Tennant thought to slow rise on Saturday morning put the fish off with only two landed for the day. Thanks to Ian and his team for the photographs.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Jan Ridgen Gordon Castle.

Orton, David Wood reported, Orton finished the week in double figures after a slow start. Highlight of the week was the Engagement of Will Haggas and wildlife artist Clare Shaw on Wednesday. Catches were evenly spread between the Haggas party from Lincolnshire (successful rods Andrew Read, 8 and 12lbs, Will Haggas 4, and 8lbs and Jenny Baxter, 9lbs) and the other party from Lancashire.

Thanks to David for the pictures.

Will Haggas, Clare Short, gillie Richard Hold and a salmon!

Will Haggas Orton.

Andrew Read Orton.




Delfur finished in the high teens. Again just one picture this week.

Maher Altajir, Delfur.


Rothes had a handful.


I was pleased to receive a photograph from Easter Elchies owner Mr. Willie Robertson, of his grandson James aged 7 with his first salmon, he out fished some of his granddad’s friends.

James Robertson Easter Elchies.


Craigellachie had half a dozen as did Wester Elchies, the low water did not suit Aberlour Angling Club but they still managed a couple. I hear Carron had eight.


My Grantown correspondent is on holiday again but before leaving he told me that they were heading towards twenty for the week, the best in the 20lb class. Sea trout are again being caught with at least two over 5lb.


Kinchurdy continues to fish well, this week fifty sea trout were landed along with 4 salmon and a grilse.


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